Document & Print Management & Distribution

We are experts at information distribution. We specialize in document quality control, organizing planholder information and payment, delivery and shipping logistics, and even bid document return management.

How do we do it? With ReproMAX™ DFS.

From conception to closeout, this user-friendly application allows you to upload, index, and view documents quickly and easily, distribute information globally, track usage efficiently, and instantly print anywhere, all on your own customized ReproMAX™ DFS project website.

What is DFS?

  • Fully customizable, completely secure project website, available 24/7
  • Search, view, download, order & print with a standard web browser
  • Manage construction documents from conception to closeout
  • Secure digital vault, perfect for facilities management
  • Integrates with existing project management software
  • Optional integrated online takeoffs
  • Advanced notification system and contact address book

Why should you use it?

  • Increases efficiency by reducing mistakes and saving time
  • Provides tools for accurate and reliable document distribution
  • Boosts project awareness and communication
  • Single location for all documents, in a secure digital vault
  • Always know who has (or doesn’t have) current documents
  • Fast, user-friendly document access
  • Reinforces company branding

Call today for a demo, information about mobile apps, technical support for existing DFS systems, or to get a quote and run a trial project!