Guides & Drivers

At Blue, we want your experience using our services to be seamless. From the time you hit our door until the time your work is delivered, we are doing everything we can to make the process as fast, as simple, and as trouble free as possible. Below, you will find links to various reference guides for some of our services. You will also find links to drivers that will optimize print quality when creating files for our (large format) digital department. If you have any questions about which drivers to download or trouble installing them, please click here.

Reference Guides:

1. Creating Plot Files for DBP_ACAD14.pdf (122k)

2. Creating Plot Files for DBP_ACAD2xxx.pdf (478k)

3. FTP_How to download.pdf (2.8M)

4. FTP_WinXP users: "work-around".pdf (2.8M)

5. How to save_Microsoft Word to PDF.pdf (2.3M)

6. How to save_WordPerfect 9 to PRN.pdf (830k)

7. Tradeshow Tips And Advice.pdf (138k)


1. AutoCAD

AutoCAD 14 (1.5M)

AutoCAD 2000 – 2005 (324k)

AutoCAD 2007 (1.8M)

2. Windows Printer Drivers

Win9x (1.6M)

Win2000 (1.6M)

WinNT4 (1.6M)

WinXP (1.6M)